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Dental Implants

No More Missing Teeth or Dentures

Permanently Replace Single or Multiple Missing Teeth
(Banish Dentures Forever)

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With extensive continual training you can be assured of very predictable long term results at a very high standard.

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Dental implants resemble and function like a normal teeth. Ultimately the patient should not notice the difference between real teeth and the dental implants.


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Dental Implants & Smile Makeovers

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Dental implants are small titanium screw used to replace missing teeth. They act as permanent replacements for natural roots of teeth. When a Dental Implant is placed, a natural looking Porcelain Crown is designed to fit securely over the Dental Implant.


Fin Implants

Fin Implants north west London implants

Fin Implants are designed for people with thin jaw ridges, when the jaw bone has become thin as a result of not having natural teeth for some time. A lack of supporting bone means that a conventional screw implant is not sufficient. Fin implants avoid the need for the more traditional method of bone grafting to build up support for the implant.


Blade Implants

Blade Implants north west London implants

Blade Implants are flat titanium Implants with one or two metal prongs on one long side. A blade implant is placed into the jaw so that the prong(s) stick out into the mouth where they will support Crowns or Bridges. Blade Implants are usually used in the back of the mouth where a patient has no teeth. Blade Implants are extremely robust, making them an ideal choice for the back of the mouth where there is greater force placed upon the teeth.


Ramus Frame Implants

The Ramus Frame Implant is a one-piece rail, suspended just above your gum tissue. It is constructed of titanium, a metal compatible with body tissue. Ramus Frames are used to secure problem dentures. Whilst wearing dentures over many years, the jaw bone under the denture recedes to such an extent that conventional dental implants cannot be used. Ramus Frames are an ideal solution for those people who have been having extensive problems with dentures.

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Subperiosteal Implants

Ramus Frame Implants north west London subperiosteal

A Subperiosteal Implant is an ideal solution if you are constantly having sore spots caused by dentures and are unable to chew your food properly or if your dentures are just impossible to wear
It can be used to secure dentures, when the bone has receded and when the jaw structure is limited. The lightweight, individually designed, metal framework fits over the remaining bone, providing the equivalent of multiple tooth roots. It may be used in a limited area or, if all the teeth are missing in the entire mouth. Natural tissue membrane or bone will grow back around either implant making it even more secure.

Bone Grafting (Onlay Bone Grafting)

Ramus Frame Implants north west London bone grafting

When teeth are not present in the mouth, the supporting jawbone around the teeth slowly dissolves away due to lack of exercise. This also occurs with some gum problems. The result is insufficient bone to support dental implants. Bone may be grown allowing implants to be placed later. Specially treated bone from a bone bank may be placed in the area where bone is deficient.

The added bone is left to integrate with the natural jawbone before implants are placed. Depending on the amount of bone being grown implants may be placed after four to nine months. Occasionally it may be necessary to wait a little longer.

Implants are left to become firmly attached to bone for a number of months before a denture or crown and bridgework is fitted to them.

Sinus Grafting (Sinus Augmentation)

sinus graft

It is possible to increase the height of bone available in the upper jaw above the back teeth by creating new bone in the sinus. This procedure is called a Sinus Grafting and was pioneered by Dental Implant Group's Dr Hilt Tatum. This procedure allows dental implants to be placed in areas otherwise inaccessible.

Sinus Lift

The Sinus Lift is a technique of raising the Sinus Lining so that there is sufficient space to provide additional bone that will help support the Dental Implants.

Nerve repositioning

Subperiosteal Implants north west London nerve repositioning

This technique is performed when the patient does not have enough Jaw Bone to accommodate the Dental Implant or the quality of the Bone is not robust enough to hold the Implant at the back end of the bottom jaw. The Nerve located within the Lower Jaw is repositioned so that the Dental Implant can be placed.


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