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CT Scanning

The world's first "Combined 3-In-1" Digital Dental CT, Panoramic and Cephalometric X-Ray

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  1. Observe detailed anatomical structure

    MPR allows viewing of sliced images (to a min. slice of 0.1mm) from various directions and angles. Allows checking and rotating of 3D image on the 3D image capture screen.

  2. Avoid damage to sensitive structure

    The alveolar nerve is at a significant risk at all stages during an implant surgery. Therefore, extra care must be taken to avoid damage to the nerves. Viewing the cross-sectional image allows for confirmation of anatomical structure & actual position.

  3. Check impacted teeth positions accurately.

    In some cases, an impacted tooth might be shown to be in contact with the inferior alveolar canal. But upon examination using the cross-sectional image from CT, it might clearly show that it is separated from the inferior alveolar canal.

  4. Plan pre-implant surgery effectively.

    Dentists and Specialists can study their cases repeatedly and modify the virtual surgical implant placement until they are fully satisfied with the plan.

  5. Reduce surgery time.

    Pre-verified surgery plan through implant simulation with accurate anatomical information of oral cavity and maxillofacial regions creates a higher level of confidence in surgery.

  6. Get patient's consent of your plan with ease.

    Presenting implant simulation with 3D images to the patient helps for an easier understanding about the procedure. Thus, it provides ease for the implantologists in getting consent and approval of the patient to the treatment plan.

ct scanner referrals north London ct


EzImplantis a Viewer program for DICOM formatted Medical Dental CT Images. It is to be used for prompt and accurate diagnosis with a host of useful functions including MPR, 2-dimensional analysis and 3-dimensional image reconstruction. Its Professional Version features more advanced functions such as Implant Simulation, Canal Draw, Showing of Implant site Bone Density assessment, etc.

A. EzImplant Main Functions
EzImplant helps to make easier analysis and diagnosis by the use of 3D image and by its simple and convenient user interface. EzImplant's main functions are as follows;

  1. Effortless image adaptation through various rendering methods such as VR (Volume Rendering) / MIP / minIP / X-ray.
  2. High accuracy 3D images by MPR Rotating, Curve, 3D Zoom rendering mode.
  3. Cross-Sectional View function for fast analysis.
  4. Easy setting of "Default Gap" and "Default Thickness" for Cross-Sectional Images, and "Default Windowing" on the "Settings" menu.
  5. "Segmentation" function for hiding/deleting unnecessary part or for extracting specific valued data.
  6. Convenient grouping system for Objects, Color-map, Opacity Graph, Preset files and more.
  7. DICOM format for reconstructed images, easy file saving and compact interface.
  8. Implant Simulation function for a more accurate medical treatment plan and a more effective consultation with the patient (Professional version only).
  9. Canal Draw function for an easy explanation of the relationship between teeth and canal (Professional only).
  10. "Show Bone Density" function to teach about the relative bone density at the Implant site (Professional only).
  11. Various utilities such as Free Draw, Report, etc. (Professional only).

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